Order Up: Dada

It's one of the quirkiest restaurants in South Florida, a place where live music and oddball performers congregate in front of a like-minded audience. As a space,


is legendary. The historic house-turned-restaurant just turned 10 a few weeks ago, and in that span it's seen plenty of good times (for a rundown of some of

Dada's best memories

, check out music editor Reed Fischer's piece).

The venue is full of good vibes, but how about the food? We take a look this week in Dish. Here's an excerpt.

One of the great things about Dada is its almost supernal level of texture. Every facet of the historic house-turned-restaurant is layered with visual flavor. The hip, the eclectic, the tattooed, the wacky - for 10 years they've gathered here to quaff cocktails on Dada's lounge-y front stoop and sip beers on the loose gravel lawn the staff affectionately refers to as "the beach." Almost every night of the week the restaurant invites magicians, bands, and performance artists to perform near its warm stone hearth (warm, even when nothing is burning inside of it). And as folks pack the foyer by the lacquered amber bar to watch, those old floorboards seem to creak and groan not with age but with satisfaction.

That same level of texture and contrast is just what was lacking in an order of Dada's crab macaroni and cheese ($13.50) some friends and I had shared during its 10th anniversary weekend. What we found on our plates had nowhere near the character of the surrounding restaurant.

Check out the full review in Dish.


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