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Order Up: Dos Caminos

This week's review in Dish, we check out the Mexican mini-chain, Dos Caminos at the newly refurbished Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel.

Is the new restaurant in the old Yankee Clipper on A1A? Yep, it sure is. Quite a curious choice for a trendy chain given other locations in hip areas of Manhattan and a luxury hotel in Vegas. Despite the fanfare associated with its other locations, Dos Caminos struggled to impress in Fort Lauderdale. Particularly, when three out of four diners got ill. Warning: There is a section in the second half of the review that squeamish readers may want to skip. 

Here's an excerpt from our review.

Diners who have visited Dos Caminos' other locations gush over the guacamole as if it were made by a culinary demigod with a golden mortar and pestle. And the way servers sell it, you would think a prize is awarded for the highest guac sales each night. At other branches, a big to-do is made of the tableside preparation, but here, that service isn't offered, because servers would block the narrow aisle. The guac is quite good -- made from fresh avocado blended with lime, cilantro, studded with chopped onion, diced tomato, and flecks of spicy jalapeño.

Tasty as it may be, it's difficult to justify paying $24 for a four-person portion ($12 for a smaller version). But it does come with warm, crisp, and salty tortilla chips and a trio of salsas. The spiciest is the habanero -- so fiery, Reed jolted back violently in his seat and squalled, "Woo! That's hot!" We looked over with concern and encouraged him to extinguish the burn with the mild tomatillo salsa verde.

Read the full review in Dish.

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