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Order Up: East Coast BBQ

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We're talking pulled pork, sticky racks of ribs, and waves of tender brisket in this week's Dish review. It's on East Coast BBQ, a 3-month-old joint in Pompano Beach that melds modern technology with deep-rooted barbecue tradition. Owner Dave Audet outfitted his restaurant with a $10,000 rotisserie smoker that doesn't run on wood but on compact wood pellets. The results could hang at any barbecue competition out there. Check out an excerpt from the full review after the cut:

Surprisingly, one of my favorite things East Coast makes -- besides the ribs -- is the turkey. I've turned a whole host of friends onto the stuff, and they've all agreed: This bird is legit. The turkey is brined until it's full of juicy flavor. After a turn in Audet's oven, the breasts are sliced into long, half-inch-thick slabs, each pearly white with tinges of pink along the edge (which indicates good smoke contact, not raw meat). To serve, Audet flits a tiny string of sauce on top, leaving each piece of pristine flesh practically naked. The meat is so tender and succulent, you never think once about adding sauce.

Read the full review of East Coast BBQ now in Dish.

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