Order Up: Le Patio in Wilton Manors

This week in Dish, we look at a restaurant that describes itself as "the tiniest, cutest restaurant in Wilton Manors." Le Patio, a boutique French bistro from ex-Sugar and Spice Cafe owners Veronique Leroux and Jean Doherty, fits that description nicely. The place is no bigger than a hallway, with maybe two tables inside. But out back is an amazingly warm and inviting patio area with tables fashioned out of old sewing machines. It's a perfect place to eat a quiet, lazy lunch, especially with a glass of wine in hand.

An excerpt from the full review plus some pics after the cut.  

The part of French cookery that intrigues me the most is not the technique; it's what happens afterward. France is filled with tiny cafés just like Le Patio, places where people stop for a glass of wine and a nibble of home-cooked pâté and linger there for hours. In those borrowed seats, watching traffic scoot along slowly, the food is almost secondary. Somewhere amid the coq au vin and the braised lamb shank is the idea that whatever is going on out there doesn't matter. No matter how pressing your responsibilities are, they'll likely still be there in an hour or two or whenever it is that you're good and ready to take them on.

Read the full review of Le Patio online now. Plus, check out these photos snapped over the course of our visits.

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