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Order Up: Rock 'N' Roll Ribs

That's right, folks. This week in Dish we finally hit the metal and review the rib and 'cue joint from Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, Rock 'N' Roll Ribs. We first took a look at the now mega-popular rib shack when we interviewed owners McBrain and Rick "Moby" Baum back in October. Then, we gave our first impressions just a few weeks after opening, when rock 'N' Roll Ribs was slammed with Maiden and BBQ fans alike. Now, we're unveiling a full review on the place. A quick excerpt after the jump, plus more pictures from the restaurant.

Rock ΄N' Roll Ribs feels just about as close to a backyard barbecue as

you can get in a restaurant. The food isn't exactly Memphis- or

Texas-style ΄cue; rather, it tastes like what you might whip up with

some friends huddled around a Webber grill. In fact, the very idea for

the place was born of such gatherings, cooked up over cold Coronas by

guitarist and food-industry vet Rick "Moby" Baum and his close friend,

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain. As McBrain tells it - in his thick

English accent - starting a restaurant together had been a dream since

Baum first shared his rib recipe with the rocker at one of their back

garden parties. A self-admitted "foodie" who's eaten his way around the

world some dozen times over, McBrain says it was these ribs that stuck

with him the most.

Read the full review in Dish.

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