Order Up: SAIA

This week's review in Dish, we check out Asian fusion restaurant SAIA at the newly refurbished B Ocean Fort Lauderdale Hotel.

The new eatery located just off the beach on the corner of A1A and Sunrise Boulevard features small plates intended to be shared communally. Not only are we impressed with the delicious dishes but the cocktails are equally inventive. SAIA invested in special instruments that create slow-melting ice cubes for drinks. Try the fire soju martini infused with jalapeño and agave (Asian soju is a distilled beverage similar to vodka). Or order an after-dinner cordial, and watch your server create a perfectly sculpted ice sphere from a Japanese copper molder. Because the ice is so dense, with a two-inch circumference, it chills a drink without watering it down. 

Here's an excerpt from our review.

The menu by chef Subin Chankesorn features savory Asian dishes as well as inventive rolls and quality sashimi. Inspired by his travels, the chef created small plates embracing the flavors of Thailand and the Caribbean islands. Prime example: the Thai curry lobster ($25) -- a succulent tail merrily wading in a pool of chili-spiced coconut milk, dotted with chunks of sweet pineapple. Differing flavors of sweet and spice resolve on your tongue like reconciling lovers after a silly quarrel.

Chankesorn has kept the menu to just one page, with only strong and inventive dishes making the cut. I'm convinced you could run your finger blindly along the center of the premium card stock, order at random, and be pleased with the result.

SAIA is located on oceanfront property at Sunrise Boulevard and A1A (hence the name SAIA) inside the former Holiday Inn, which has been rechristened as the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale, the first in an envisioned chain of B brand hotels (additional locations to be announced soon, say corporate execs). With a remodeling, the new hotel has shed the Holiday Inn funk for a swankier, South Beachesque style that still gibes with Fort Lauderdale's relaxed attitude.

Read the full review in Dish.

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