Order Up: SoLita Restaurant and Ultra Lounge

If you're still wondering why the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore is filming in South Florida, pay a visit to SoLita on Las Olas. The new Italian restaurant/nightclub started by a bunch of ex-Cafe Martorano employees is so full of Guidos and Guidettes that you'd think you were back on Long Island.

What's amazing is how of the moment the whole Italian thing is. Not only have dozens of high-profile Italian restaurants opened up in South Florida recently but crowds of people sporting gold chains and blowouts are packing in these places, drooling to grub on meatballs and gravy while they look to score. It's as strange a phenomenon as I've seen, and the fact that it's become a restaurant regularity is simply stunning.

As for SoLita, the place has the décor of a high-class boudoir and the staff to match (all the female waitresses are decked in bust-enhancing corsets). The scene is wild, loud, and brash. And while some diners will find that annoying, it's all good as long as chef "Radar" Risoli (formerly of Cafe Martorano) makes sure the kitchen picks up the slack. For the most part, he does. But we'll leave the rest to the full review, online now.

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