Order Up: Super Perro Edition!

That nearly foot-long monstrosity staring back at you is a super perro: A Colombian take on the all-American hot dog, topped with pink sauce, ketchup, bacon, cheese, crushed potato chips, and a smattering of sweet pineapple puree. The super perro is flawless drunk food, the sort you slurp up at 4 a.m. in an effort to quell the impending hangover. This week in dish, we look at the super perro influx that's swept up clubby, late-night Miami, and finally worked its way into Broward thanks to two Colombian restaurants, Los Perros in Lauderhill and Borojo in Hollywood. An excerpt from the review after the jump.

Lifting this mammoth, Colombian-style hot dog from Los Perros in Lauderhill to my mouth is like looking down the barrel of a gun. I'm no longer hungry - I'm scared for my life. It's nearly a foot long and three inches wide, and the dog's beefy largess is coated with enough goopy pink sauce, salty crumbled potato chips, and pureed pineapple to give Takeru Kobayashi pause (frightening, considering he's the man who set four world records in competitive hot dog eating). I summon up the courage and take a bite, and gobs of mayo and crushed chips tumble onto the paper plate with a thick plop.

Check out the full review of Los Perros and Borojo here.

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