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Organic Brewery Now Distributing Beer Locally

Hollywood-based brewpub Organic Brewery is now distributing locally, marking a other victory notch on the belt for local commercial brewers.

Although Organic Brewery is a brewpub, they acquired their distribution license this month, allowing beer heads in South Florida to enjoy Organic's brew from abroad, like in Dade County. This pretty much puts them on par with any other local craft brewery.

Organic's distributor is Cheers Distributors, Inc. in North Miami. One of the first restaurants to carry the Hollywood brew is The Butcher Shop on Wynwood, which carries Organic's Belgian ale and British IPA on kegs tap. No bottles or cans though.

Organic brews four beers year-round on-site at their brewpub located on the boardwalk of Hollywood Beach. In addition to their Belgian stout (7 percent ABV) and British IPA, Organic also makes a Russian stout (8 percent ABV) and a pilsner (6 percent ABV). For a 10, 16 or 34-ounce mug, prices are $5, $6 or $11, respectively. Organic also makes their own flavored Schnapps.

The brewpub derives its name from the organic hops that are imported from Germany, said general manager Johnny Quinones. The idea that Organic's beer is not hopped, since hops acts as a preserving agent and anything with preservatives is therefore not "organic", is false. One thing that is true: the beer--and the food--is darn good.

He says that demand for the beer increased and many customers inquired why the brewpub did not distribute.

"So many people were asking about the beer," he said.

Under law, a brewpub cannot self-distribute due to Florida's three-tier distribution system for alcoholic beverages: manufacturer, distributor, retailer.

Quinones says that local restauranteurs and bar owners are scheduled to drop by in the coming days to test Organic's beer. That sounds like a great idea, you should do the same.

Organic Brewery is located at 209 N. Broadwalk in Hollywood. Call 954-674-9674, or visit

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