Oscar Mayer Wants You to "Say it With Bacon" (Video)

What's the best way to show someone you love them with all your heart? If you watch television, then you know the ultimate way to start a lifetime commitment is by buying a precious object using the four C's rule -- cut, consistency, color, and cure.

Cure? Of course! We're talking about bacon here, son -- not some expensive rock!

Oscar Mayer has just come up with the best campaign ever in which they mock every diamond ad by comparing it to bacon. And, let's face it. While you can only look at a diamond, it doesn't taste good at all.

But bacon. That's a gift worth giving.

Just in time for Father's Day, their sayitwithbacon.com website is offering three different limited edition gifts, sure to make any man squeal with delight.

The Commander features bacon and a money clip in a handsome gift box; The Matador pairs bacon cufflinks with pig flesh; and The Woodsman delights with a multi-tool and bacon. At $28 each, that's way better than a tie (unless it's a bacon tie).

You can also send a bacon-themed e-card with sentiments like "If I met you before this bacon, you'd be my first love" and "You're a wonderful father. Just don't compare yourself to this bacon". Classy and loving at the same time!

Here's the absolutely hilarious video, spoofing every single stupid engagement ring ad campaign in the world.

Warning: The path to true love may actually be paved with bacon -- but be very careful before you pull out a ring box filled with a pork product at a fancy restaurant. Just saying....

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