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Over $3,000 Raised at Hop Into Action Fundraiser for Amelia and Zoe, More Help Is Needed

The Hop Into Action fundraiser for Amelia and Zoe turned out to be a huge success, raising more than $3,000 and with over 100 people in attendance.

All proceeds from the fundraiser, which was hosted by MIA Brewing Company, will go to benefit twin girls Amelia and Zoe Boyce, whose mother tragically passed away last month while giving birth to them.

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When David Boyce's wife Tabitha was admitted to the hospital on June 1 to deliver their twin daughters via C-section, she began experiencing a severe headache. After taking some medication, Tabitha fell asleep and never woke up. She died 11 days later after being removed from life support by her husband.

According to doctors, Tabitha had suffered an aneurysm deep in her brain that turned out to be inoperable. The twins were delivered successfully, however they will never get to know their mother. To help his friend who recently became a widowed father with four kids, Gene Devaney appealed to the members of for help.

And help they did. Forum members from all over the U.S. and across the world have generously donated cash and rare beers for the Boyces. Meanwhile on the home front, brewers throughout Miami came together to show their solidarity. Gravity Brewlab, Beer Snob Ales, Sexy Llama, MIA, Wynwood, and 4th Age brewing companies were there and all donated food or beers for the event.

Some of the items won at the raffle included a 2009 bottle of Sam Adams Utopias, a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout, Cigar City Brewery Nielsbohrium as well as several years of their Hunahpu stout and a Bruery Melange 3.

Devaney still has many more rare brews from all over the world that he has yet to give away. He wants to hold a raffle event at the World of Beer in Lake Mary sometime in August. Raffle tickets are being sold at $20 a piece for a chance to win a box of rare and special release brews. This charity is as real as it gets. Donate today, every single penny is going to help David, Zoe, Amelia, as well as his two sons, Ryan and Connor.

Anyone can still donate for Zoe and Amelia by sending a PayPal donation to [email protected]. Be sure to select the "send money to a friend" option, so that way 100 percent of the donations are received by the Boyces. To send beers instead of cash donations, contact Devaney at the same email address to get shipping information.

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