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Palm Beach and Broward Restaurant Closings

Your intuition is correct: Restaurants dropped like tasered protesters at a Republican rally last year. The not-so-bad news is that new eateries opened in many of the vacated spaces, offsetting our net loss. Read on for a partial and unofficial Short Order list of closings in Broward and Palm Beach over the last year. Feel free to add to or amend our list if we've overlooked one of your faves. Stars (**) denote restaurants we were really sorry to lose--great places that, in a kinder, gentler economy, should have thrived.

Palm Beach Gardens

  • **Rosa Mexicana
  • **Strip House
  • Aqua Grill
  • The Grape

  • City Grill

Palm Beach/West Palm/Lake Worth

  • **Capri Blu

  • Hoboken Bar and Grill
  • Crazy Cuban
  • Nick's Fishmarket
  • Spoto's Clematis Street
  • Prime 707 (replaced by Ouzo Blue)
  • **Red Rock Pizza
  • Addison Steak House
  • Bucky's BBQ
  • **Yoko (became Sakyo)
  • Columbia

    Jinga Bar & Bistro (replaced by Bar Louie)

  • Tulio's (replaced by Cottonwood Grill)
  • All Mark's locations
Fort Lauderdale
  • Darius Palace
  • Milos Taverna
  • Las Olas Café
  • La Parilla


  • Mia

    Alegria Café

  • **Creolina's (new location in Davie)
  • The Upper Crust
  • Zinkler's Bavarian Village
  • Herban Kitchen (replaced by Sugar n' Spice)
  • Fish
  • Houston's (became Bucky's, now closed)
  • Tommy's Las Olas
  • **Romantico
  • Dorothy's Deli
  • **Ruggero's (became Christine's)
  • Rino's (new location on Federal)
  • Riley McDermott's (now Bova Prime)
  • Primanotte (replaced by Lola's on Harrison)
  • Ristorante Luna Rosa
  • The Boulevard American Bistro
  • **Chez Andree
  • **Try My Thai
  • Michael's Kitchen (replaced by Sage Oyster Bar)

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