Palm Beach Steakhouse Serves Five-Hour Happy Hour

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"Happy hour" is sooo pre-recession. If you really want to show cash-strapped gazillionaires a deal, you gotta go "happy evening." Which, in fact, is what they're doing at the tony Palm Beach Steakhouse. From 5 to 10 p.m. every day, the place is putting on the Recessionary Ritz with a bar menu of drinks and munchies for a mere $5, the kind of sum a couple of years back that your average well-heeled Islander wouldn't soil his Berlutis by stepping on.

House wines, cocktails, martinis -- all five bucks. Three mini sirloin cheeseburgers

or crabcakes, chopped salad or wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon,

Mediterranean platter with hummus, tzatziki and stuffed grape leaves --

all five bucks. And beer? Only $4. If you really want to go wild, try

the lobster mac 'n' goat cheese for $10 or the 12-ounce Steakhouse

burger (with fries) for $14. Hell, that's the kind of deal even Bernie

Madoff could afford.

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