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Palm Sugar in West Palm Beach Gets a Full Bar and New Menu Items in October

We all need the occasional reboot. Whether it's restarting your computer in the middle of the day or trying something new at the lunch place where you always get 'the usual', a little shake up is essential. Palm Sugar, who we named the number one restaurant on Clematis Street, is prepping for some changes that will indeed provide a little shake and bring in new customers, all without compromising the loyal following of savvy, local foodies.

Known for an inventive Asian-fusion menu and some of the finest fish tacos around, all of that will remain the same. In Palm Sugar's case, new changes just mean a whole bunch of really cool stuff we all get to enjoy. Coming up in the next few months you can expect new menu items, brunch, later hours, oh and did we mention a full bar?

Transitioning from a beer, wine, and sake joint into a fully stocked bar is a big power move for the year and a half old restaurant. Manager Audrey Chumsai came to the decision pretty easily.

"People on this street like drinking." she said, and who are we to argue with the truth? The application for a full bar is in and the Palm Sugar crew is hoping to have new libations available starting October 1st. But that is just one boozy part of the new puzzle.

Something else people on Clematis like besides drinking? Brunch. Ok, we admit those can be basically the same things. But hey, 'brunch' sounds a lot better to your folks than 'morning drinking.' So brunch we shall have! As expected, Palm Sugar will maintain their signature Asian flair on brunch dishes, no greasy eggs with hash browns in sight. Audrey told us it will be more of a buffet style. But we know what you are thinking. And yes, there will, of course, be bottomless mimosas.

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