Park Avenue BBQ Boca Raton Building Owned By Scott Rothstein

Scott Rothstein's own restaurant ventures with the Bova Group -- Bova Prime, the late Bova Ristorante, and what was to be Bova Smoke and Bova @ Casa Casuarina -- have to be feeling the sting of the prominent attorney's downfall. But other restaurants are being affected by the fallout as well. As this video details, the new location of Park Avenue BBQ & Grill, set to open this month in Boca Raton, is just one of the many properties that was owned by Rothstein before being turned over to federal investigators. Now, the owner of PA Dean Lavallee is trying to work with the FBI to keep his restaurant, which he says he's invested $200,000 into.

You have to hope everything works out for Park Avenue. This Rothstein guy's a menace.


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