Paul Griffin of BurgerFi Makes Us a Burger and Fries


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and how they do it. This week, we're focusing on a burger and fries from BurgerFi.

Welcome to BurgerFi, where corporate chef Paul Griffin will be making us a burger and fries. With plans to expand across the country, the chain is an example of the most successful of the burger joints in our landscape.

As delicious as this meal may be, when will we hit maximum capacity when it comes to burger-themed restaurants? Read on for this week's review as well as meat porn to tempt you toward tonight's indulgent meal.

BurgerFi starts with all-natural, hormone-free beef on the griddle.

Here's the condiment line, where employees assemble one of five burgers on the menu, three on the secret menu, or an unending selection from the build-your-own burger bar.

As is becoming standard, each bun is branded with the restaurant's logo.

Condiment close-up.

Still dressing up our burger.

Ready to eat?

Check out the rest of the slide show here.

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