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Paula DaSilva Teaming Up With Jamie DeRosa for Tongue & Cheek Kitchen Collaboration on Wednesday

Big dinners with multiple well-known chefs have become fairly common.

It seems like every other week we're posting about a group of five or more getting together for a big charity meal.

Obviously, we love seeing this sort of joint effort -- and sampling dishes from numerous culinary artists all at once -- however, as coordinated as these experiences may be, these events are rarely truly cooperative.

As the third and last Kitchen Collaboration dinner, Paula DaSilva of 3030 Ocean is heading down to Tongue & Cheek to team up with Jamie DeRosa.

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So far, Palm Beach County chefs Lindsay Autry of Sundy House and Clay Conley chef/ partner of Buccan have made the trek down to the 305 for the Kitchen Collaboration events.

For both of the previous meals, DeRosa and his cooperative partners planned the innovative dinners for weeks in advance with pages upon page of edits and notes going back and forth. Many of the details were still being hashed out on the day of the actual dinners.

In planning the series, DeRosa wanted to foster more of a relationship with the Broward and Palm Beach culinary scenes.

"I really wanted to engage the Palm Beach and Broward community," said DeRosa. "We really don't get a chance to interact with them every day; events tend to be specific to counties."

For $75 per person (excluding tax and gratuity), guests are welcomed with a signature cocktail and passed hors d'oeuvres as well as five courses and a "swag bag" to take home. For an additional $25, a beverage pairing is available.

While this is the last dinner of the 2013 season, expect to see more chef cooperation in 2014.

The dinner starts at 7 p.m. Reservations are required.

Tongue & Cheek is located at 431 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach. Call 305-704-2900, or visit Sara Ventiera on Twitter, @saraventiera.

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