Paula Deen Blooper Reel Reveals Potty Mouth

Oh how we love Paula Deen more than a stick of butter. Not only is she the queen of southern hospitality, but she has something in common with Clean Plate Charlie -- the lady can curse up a blue streak.

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Of course, while the fact that Ms. Deen uses cuss words might be new to the rest of the world, anyone who's seen the celebrity chef onstage at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival can attest that Deen can get a little raunchy at times.

So, imagine our delight when we found this video first reported by the New York Post.

This blooper reel, which has Ms. Deen cursing, fumbling lines, putting out grease fires, and giving some oral love to a chocolate eclair, was actually complied by the Food Network star's own people.

According to the New York Post, The two-minute video was meant to be shown as part of an introduction to a series of live cooking demonstrations Deen was scheduled to conduct with the Celebrity Chefs Tour.

Deen claimed the company bounced a check to her and sued for $1.25 million. Gary Ravel, president of Celebrity Chefs Tour, countersued for breach of contract, demanding $40 million. The lawsuit was settled last week and the terms of the deal are sealed.

We really don't care why or how this reel came to be...only that we get to watch our favorite southern lady say "stinky coochie". For that, we are eternally grateful.

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