Paula Deen Tries to Kiss Jay Leno (Video)

We love Paula Deen, and when we grow up, we want to become just like her -- eternally buzzed, with a constant cackle and stylish stretch pants. Ladies like this eat life. Their joy is infectious, so when they do completely inappropriate things -- like try to make out with a married talk-show host in front of 10 million home viewers -- we laugh it off as adorable!

Last night, Paula Deen was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to make her famous cheeseburger meat loaf (wouldn't it just be a cheese loaf?). As she and Jay get into the meat, Jay brings up Deen's being named Maxim's hottest female television chef. Paula translates this into a clear sign of attraction, and starts flirting with Leno in her own unique way -- she asks him what his cholesterol level is and if he likes her new outfit (from the Paula Deen clothing line -- oy vey).

Then, because the lady had never been known for her subtlety, she turns to Leno and says, "I want to kiss you." Leno, creeped out by the pass, says "not with those meat loaf hands." And that, as they say, is television gold. Watch here:

Watch Part One here:

Here's Part Two:

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