Starbucks calling...
Starbucks calling...
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Pay For Your Starbucks Addiction With New Smartphone App for iPhone, Blackberry

It's 8am and you're seriously hung over from the night before. You're late for work, but first you need one of those new Trenta-sized iced coffees at Starbucks. You try to pay the Barrista but you can't find your wallet (which you seriously think you left at the bar, along with your pride). What do you do? Just ask her to scan your Smartphone!

Starbucks just announced the launch of its brand-new Starbucks Card Mobile Phone App for select Blackberry, iPhone and iPod Touch smart devices. Just download the free Mobile App and load the Starbucks "virtual" card with money via credit card or PayPal (PayPal available only on the iPhone). Then head over to a Starbucks (you can find the closest one on the App), show the Barrista the barcode on your app and they'll scan it as payment.

Getting buzzed on caffeine and sugar has never been easier. We'll just have to wait a little longer for the Starbucks "chip" to be implanted in our heads.

To download the Starbucks Card Mobile App, Blackberry users can text the word "GO" to 70845. iPhone and iPod Touch users can download the app from the App Store at


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