PB Catch Celebrates its One Year Anniversary Tonight: A Q&A With Restauranteur Thierry Beaud

They say -- whoever "they" are -- the restaurant business is the toughest industry in the world. They say that 90 percent of new eateries fail in the first year -- it's actually less than 30, still high.

While it is probably easier to make it some towns than others -- i.e. the long awaited Olive Garden in Grand Forks, North Dakota -- Palm Beach would not be one of the easy ones. As a wealthy winter haven, the town's residents are used to the crème de la crème. 

Tonight, PB Catch celebrates its one-year mark and is going all-out with the party. Clean Plate Charlie spoke to restauranteur Thierry Beaud about PB Catch's first year and what's in store for the event.

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In honor of passing the one-year benchmark, the restaurant will be holding a party featuring an array of seafood: sea urchin, diver scallops, whole swordfish, local wolffish--don't worry, we're not really sure what that is either. A special mouth-tingling anniversary cocktail will be served to commemorate the occasion; the Blue Buzz is made with citrus rum, fresh lemon, a tingly buzz button flower, and a splash of cachaça. DJ German Garcia will be on music.

Clean Plate Charlie: How and why did you come up with the local/ sustainable seafood concept behind PB Catch? 
Beaud: We live on the ocean which is full of great seafood, yet it is hard to find truly locally caught fish on any menu. 

What made you decide to move across the bridge to Palm Beach? 
We were looking for space in the general Downtown/Palm Beach area and this turned out to be the perfect space for us, on Sunrise, right next to the new Publix. 

How does opening a second restaurant differ from first?
It is much easier! We were able to train our staff and practice recipes in Pistache's kitchen. 

How has the restaurant evolved since opening a year ago?
I think it has matured. We know what our guests like, we have great relationships with our vendors. We have also made some improvements to the room--the main one being soundproofing.  

Soundproofing is a good one. What plans do you have for the future?
To keep promoting local fishing and sustainable programs.

Why did you chose to include the rare products that will be on the menu for the anniversary? 
Like for any special occasion, we thought it would be very festive to offer things you do not see or eat everyday. 

Can tell me a bit more about the special anniversary cocktail?
Our Bar Manager, Nick Scalisi came up with it. His family happens to be in the produce business and gave him micro herbs to play with. We were also trying to make something blue, which is our color of choice. That is how he came up with the Blue Buzz, a Rum based drink with mashed buzz buds which give your tongue a little tingling sensation.

What's you favorite dish on the menu?
Our seabass is outstanding. Pan roasted, over soy and honey infused brussels sprouts. Simple, neat, bold flavors. And, you can it eat without feeling guilty as it comes from the only certified sustainable seabass fishery in the world. 

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Sara Ventiera