Pet Parents and Their Canine Kids Get Food and Wine at Spoto's

Spoto's Oyster Bar in Palm Beach Gardens celebrates "Pet Parent's Night" Wednesday, April 27, with free wine for those with pets in tow and a free cooked snack for their canine "kids."

From 6 to 9 p.m., diners who come in with their dogs and eat outdoors in the pet-friendly courtyard get a free glass of house wine. Their dogs get a mini grilled burger or a mini portion of grilled chicken.

There are rules: Dogs only -- there's no provision in the pet-restaurant ordinance that allows for cats, birds, snakes or other "pets." There's no size limit on the dogs, but they must be on a leash. They have to sit in designated areas and never on the chairs. And don't expect any petting from the Spoto's staffers -- though the city ordinance allows pets at outdoor restaurants, staffers are not allowed to touch them while on duty.

"That's too bad in a way," says Ellen Daly, Spoto's co-owner with her brother, John Spoto. "Some of the dogs are much better behaved than some of the diners."

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