Philippe Chow in Boca Holding Victory Party

Chow vs. Chow pitted restaurant chain Philippe Chow against Mr. Chow in one confusing lawsuit that had attorneys arguing everything from name rights to recipe theft.  

Who won?  Depends on who you talk to.  Stratis Morfogen, CEO of Philippe Chow has been claiming victory all week.  Which is fine by us, because his idea of a win in court involves picking up our bar tab.

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On Friday, March 9, Philippe Chow in Boca Raton is having a victory satay party.  From 10 p.m. until close (which is normally midnight, but the restaurant will stay open later as long as there are people who are willing to drink for free), everyone drinks free.

What's in the open bar?  When Clean Plate Charlie called Philippe Chow, we were put on hold before the confirmation came in -- almost everything within reason.  So, forget about the Johnny Walker Black, but go ahead and enjoy a call brand martini.  It seems that the restaurant is generous, not crazy.

The famous chicken satay that was specifically mentioned in the lawsuit will be passed around free of charge, so you can see (and eat) what all the fuss is about.  If that chicken can send a group of suits into a multi-million dollar court battle, it's probably pretty freaking good.

If we could rename this victory party, we'd take a page out of the Charlie Sheen songbook and simply call it - winning!

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