Phillip Phillips Eats and Tweets About BC Tacos

When BC Tacos owner Brett Chiavari started selling tacos at Cruzan Amphitheatre for their concert series, he knew that music fans would be lining up for his tacos. But what he didn't realize was that he would become the taco supplier to the stars.

That's just what happened yesterday when American Idol winner and Platinum-selling recording artist Phillip Phillips visited BC Tacos before his concert. The American Idol was in West Palm Beach as part of his tour with John Mayer.

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Chiavari decided to invite him to try out his tacos on Twitter. "I'm a huge fan of his, so I sent him a tweet a few days ago. I said we were going to be at Cruzan and if he was hungry to come get some tacos."

To Chiavari's surprise, Phillips responded. "When he got to the stadium, he came right out. His girlfriend told me that all he could talk about for the past few days was trying my tacos."

Turns out, Phillips is a huge food truck fan who watches Eat St. and The Great Food Truck Race.

Phillips ordered an assortment of steak, chicken, and BBQ pulled pork tacos then took them to the then-empty amphitheater and sat down with his girlfriend to enjoy the food and listen to John Mayer's sound check. "He was so cool, really down to earth" Chiavari told New Times. "He spoke with us for a while -- mostly asking questions about our business."

Phillips must have really talked up those tacos, because soon after, members of John Mayer's and Phillips' bands came to the truck for tacos -- even though there was a host of catered offerings in their dressing rooms.

Phillips also Tweeted about his BC Tacos experience, as did several band members:

Next week, Kelly Clarkson, PJ Morton, and Maroon 5 will be playing the Cruzan Amphitheatre. We're betting they're taco fans, too!

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