Pistache Relaunches Supper Club: Cardholders Get 50% off Bill

Secret dining clubs are a big thing in major cities like New York or San Francisco. Here, not so much. Or perhaps most of them are so top secret that we don't even know about them. 

Pistache French Bistro is now restarting its insiders' supper club. And for the first time, you're invited.

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OK, so it's not a huge social component to this -- diners don't meet for salon-style talks or dine on rare dishes. It's more of a price cut for late-night eaters: on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, cardholders will receive 50% off their food bill after 9:30pm in the bar and cafe area of the restaurant. Members will also receive special invitations, promotions, and other offers. You need to fill out a short questionnaire to get a card. And you need to request the application. Not as exclusive as an invite-only deal--but hey, you can kind of feel special.

To go along with the new "club," the restaurant has rolled out a new bar menu and some new cocktails. To inspire late-night snacking, Pistache is now offering a list of small plate options--a helpful balance to those late-night cocktails. Steamed venus clams ($15.50), crispy calamari ($13.50), petit filet au poivre ($18.00), cheese plate ($16.00), and charcuterie plate ($16.00) are all a part of the new menu.

The full dinner menu will also be available after 9:30pm. Call (561) 833-5090, or email info@pistachewpb.com.

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