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Pizza Fusion's Vaughan Lazar Cancels GoDaddy Accounts in Wake of Elephant Slaughter

Vaughan Lazar is pissed. The Pizza Fusion czar is definitely not down with elephant slaughter, and when GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons bragged about killing a male on video in Zimbabwe (which experts say was actually a protected female), Lazar lost it. And Parsons lost business.

A lot of it.

Lazar told CPC he's pulling more than 130 domain names he registered with GoDaddy.

Clean Plate Clean: What will your move cost GoDaddy, do you think? 

Lazar: I only use GoDaddy for their domain name purchases, but if I were to renew them all today, it could cost me thousands. I currently have 50 domains up for renewal. If I were to renew these domains now, it would cost me about $1,000 on GoDaddy. If I was hosting each site with them, it would cost much more. They have millions of customers, and $1,000 can quickly grow with just a small number of their customers leaving them. I understand there are thousands of others who are just as upset as I am and are taking their web business elsewhere. 

130 is a lot of domain names. Are they all pizza-related? 

Not all of them are pizza-related. I have several other businesses I bought domains for, like Kapow! Noodle Bar that I'm opening, a couple of nonprofits I've started, as well as a few "green"-related domains. I'd say that about a fourth of the domains I own with GoDaddy are Pizza Fusion-related, though. 

How, exactly, did you come to this decision? 

When I first learned of Bob Parsons' video of him killing an African elephant, I was appalled. I was hoping it was another tasteless PR stunt that Parsons is known for. But it was exactly what I saw -- him heartlessly killing an amazing, majestic animal for sport. Despite his claims that he was "killing a problem animal that was a nuisance to villagers' crops," I wasn't buying it. I completely understand the concept of "animal culling" as well. I'm sorry to say, Bob -- with all your money, you could've relocated these "problem animals" to a reserve and fed the entire village for life without making them wear GoDaddy schwag. I believe, as a business owner, we have the ability to create change for the greater good of all and lead by example. We all vote with our hard-earned dollars, and mine will be voting with another service provider. GoDaddy has lost my business for life.

NOTE: Reps from Venovix, a web hosting and cloud services company, tell Clean Plate Charlie that they have launched a "NoDaddy" promotion for anyone who wants to leave GoDaddy. They are offering free domain migrations for a $2 donation to the International Elephant Foundation. They're also giving six months free web hosting (with a 1-year hosting commitment) to those transferring their web hosting to Venovix. The company has committed to donating 20% of all hosting revenues generated from the NoDaddy promotion.  Click here for more details:

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