Pizza Hut Poutine Pizza? Get Dairy Belle's Italian Poutine Instead

We've got good news, bad news...then some great news for you. First the good news:

Pizza Hut has announced the introduction of the cheesy beef poutine pizza. Deemed, "Pizza Hut's unique spin on a true Canadian classic", the pizza starts with the fast casual restaurant's pan crust, then adds shaved seasoned steak, crispy fries, cheese curds and mozzarella to make a messy calorie bomb that we desperately want to try. The pizza is part of a launch of several new pizza varieties including grilled chicken club, Asian barbeque, and smoky maple bacon. Pizzas start at $15 for a medium size.

Now for the bad news:

The cheesy beef poutine pizza is only available for a limited time -- and only at Canadian Pizza Huts. So what's a poutine-loving Italian food addict to do?

The great news is that Dairy Belle in Dania Beach has a dish that's tastier, fresher, and requires no drive across the border -- the Italian poutine!

Basically a riff on traditional poutine, a "light" dish of fries smothered in gravy, then topped with cheese curd, the Italian poutine substitutes a tangy marinara sauce for the gravy. If you were ever curious about what happens at the crossroads of French Canadian and Italian comfort food it's this dish -- messy, fattening, and utterly addictive as you watch yourself with horrified fascination rescue the very last fry drowning in a pool of sauce to the safety of your stomach. The Italian poutine comes in three sizes; small ($7.69); medium ($9.95); and large ($12.25).

If you've just gotta have a poutine pizza, may we suggest grabbing an order of Dairy Belle's traditional poutine (small $5.95; medium $8.20; large $10.25), then making a quick stop at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza a few miles up the road for a pizza ($12.75 small; $15.75 large).

Drive home, slop the poutine onto the pizza and voila! The south Florida version of the poutine pizza -- no border crossing required.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.