Pizza is a Vegetable: Pay It Forward (Video)

You know the term "pay it forward", right?  Well it goes both ways, suckah!

Yes, that movie with the do-gooder boy who sees dead people was heart-wrenching and all that stuff, but paying it forward can also mean passing on some horrible song that's stuck in your head.

Case in point: The Pizza is a Vegetable song by Jonathan Mann. In the YouTube video that we unearthed, Mann sings "pizza is a vegetable" to a banging synth track. Over and over...and over...(though he switches it up to take a knock at Congress).

Once we watched the inane ode to Congress acting like dickweeds and pronouncing pizza as good as a vegetable for public school lunches, we knew we would never get that ditty out of our heads.....unless we paid it forward.

Just because we like you (and not because we want to purge ourselves from the curse of the tune) -- here's the Pizza is a Vegetable song.  Our advice? Pay it forward!

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