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Poisoned have Thanksgiving you may

I just got this news release from JusticeNewsFlash.com, a "Pro American Legal Distribution Service," and it's just too delicious not to quote directly:

Skilled South Florida personal injury attorney, Susan Ramsey, is proficient with consumer health law news and is reminding all Americans that the holiday time is a constant celebration with family, friends, and co-workers. The holidays is a time of rejoicing and increase food handling and consumption accompanies celebrations and festivities. Review of proper food handling, heating and consumption can prevent and help with food problems all year long saving innocent Americans from injury, illness, disease and even death from food poisoning.

Got that? I think what the attorneys are trying to tell us is that all that lukewarm food around on tables sitting this Thanksgiving may give danger. Salmonella-wise. And sickening if careful we are not. So Susan and I have some suggestions to keep you safe this holiday time, but in case you do get food poisoning, you can call Susan the personal injury attorney and she'll sue the crap out of your old aunt Maddie for illness making you.

Any way, here's a rules of simple list to follow of precautions.

1)your hands you should be washing again and many

2)the raw and the cooked, go together they should not

3)cold is cold hot is hot. there is no middle

4)leftovers store not in big pot. use small one.

5)best temp for fridge is 40 degrees. hotter is badder.

6)cutting board for separate meat do not use same as vegetables.

But hey, not to worry overmuch! Have constant celebrating! And if salmonella you be having, call Susan B. Ramsey, West Palm Beach, FL personal injury attorney at (561) 686-1800 or [email protected]

-- Gail Shepherd

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