Political Pumpkins for a Scary Presidential Campaign (Photos)

Now we know why the presidential elections fall around Halloween -- they can get scary. Look, it doesn't matter which candidate you're planning to vote for (or if you're still undecided) -- we think some of these political ads and last night's debate are...well...just a teeny bit frightening. 

We were delighted to find out that a lot of people agree with us (including the Romney/Ryan campaign who have surprisingly jumped on the Halloween bandwagon by providing a downloadable pumpkin carving stencil). 

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We've put together a collection of some of our favorite political pumpkins, while playfully poking fun at both sides of the aisle.

Obama Pumpkinhead Mask
Think the current president is nothing but a big 'ole pumpkinhead attached to an empty suit?  This is the perfect costume for you this Halloween. Just don this big orange head, and you're guaranteed to be the life of the party. After the election the giant Obama Pumpkin can serve as a handy Thanksgiving ornamental centerpiece -- just add some fall leaves, two giant ears of corn (ears -  get it) and a few candles.($24.99)

Mitt Romney Pumpkins
Though we're not too keen about the lack of creativity when it comes to stencils, we have to give big points to Mitt Romney's campaign for actually making an official pumpkin carving stencil available online to supporters.If you want your own official "R" stencil, click here. It's guaranteed to scare off all those liberal trick or treaters. As Romney might say...kids shouldn't ask strangers for candy. They should earn treats the old fashioned way -- by asking their parents.

Obama Romney Zombies
What's the difference between a politician and a zombie? Zombies have brains at least three times a day (for breakfast..lunch...dinner...) Prepare for the end with these completely awesome zombie pumpkin stencils ($5.95)

Paul Ryan in the Pumpkin Patch
No kiddies, that's not Linus waiting for the great pumpkin. That's vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan during a Wisconsin photo op. (Besides, we think he looks more like Eddy Munster than that kid with a blanket, anyway).

Joe Biden Picking Pumpkins
Apparently pumpkin-picking is a job for the second-in-command. The Bidens were seen bringing home a rather large 36 pound pumpkin a few weeks ago. And this is one special pumpkin.....

Joe Biden's Pumpkin
Yes friends, that special pumpkin that the Bidens picked has its own Twitter account. Happy enough to simply be known as Biden's Pumpkin, the over sized gourd clearly shares the same view of the vice president's jokes as we all do.
Jack-o-Lanterns for Obama
And if you're a pumpkin, you may not be able to vote...but you can still show your feelings, as evidenced by this awesome campaign button we found for only one dollar. 

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