Pond Hoppers Sells Spotted Dick and Daddy's Sauce to Homesick Brits

Who wants a nice spotted dick?
​If you live in South Florida and have been looking for a place to stock up on Spotted Dick, Daddy's Brown Sauce and Barry Norman Pickled Gherkins, chances are you're not a perv - you're just homesick for some favorite English foods.

When Rob Brady moved to Florida from England, he missed some of the traditional English treats he used to love so he opened Pond Hoppers, which carries over 3,000 food items imported from the U.K.

People equate food with home and when they move somewhere new they usually miss their favorites. New Yorkers miss their bagels and pizza, Georgians miss their pecan pie and the English miss their Aunty's Spotted Dick (which, by the way is a delicious pudding).

When asked what Americans simply do not like in his store, he said that the chutneys and pickled items don't go over well with us. Also not a big draw is Marmite, a yeasty salty spread for bread. What then, do us heathens find appealing at the shop? Sweets are universal and with names like Lion, Drifter, CurlyWurly and Yorkie, who could resist?

The next time you're hosting friends from across the pond, or you simply want to get a nice wedding gift for Kate and William. Pond Hoppers is an interesting store to visit.

2629 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 954-566-9388


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