Poo Brew? Japanese Brewery Makes Elephant Poo Beer

Since craft beer has come onto the scene we've been seeing some interesting flavors pop up in beer: peanut butter cup, maple bacon, spirulina wit, oysters, rocky mountain oysters--i.e. bull testicles.

And for the more part, we've gotten fairly used to these strange additions to our beer--okay, maybe not the bull testicles.

Well, the beer world recently saw its shittiest most interesting flavor: yep, you guessed it, it comes out of an elephant.

We spoke to Due South Brewing Co.'s Mike Halker about the interesting flavor. Read on for details.

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Taking a cue from Black Ivory Coffee--made from beans that have passed through an elephant's digestive track--Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen decided to try out a new formula for its beer.

The coffee, which is described as smooth and earthy sells for a ridiculous $1,100 per kilo.

Named "Un, Kono Kuro" --a play on words for the Japanese word for poo, "unko"--the beer debuted on April 1. And sold out in just minutes. Even though the brew was a wild success, it will not be part of the breweries regular line-up.

Curious, we spoke to Mike Halker of Due South Brewing Co. to see if he'd be willing to whip up a batch of elephant poo beer. "I've heard about it" he said, "But wouldn't consider making it, as the TTB [Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau] probably wouldn't allow it and it doesn't seem worth the fight."

Way to be a party pooper TTB.

Well, we still have plenty of non-digestively infused coffee beers. Halker did say, "I think our Cafe Ole is pretty smooth."

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