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Pop-Up Restaurant in Delray To Close in Two Weeks; Will Resurrect as Spoon Fed

Glen Manfra's Pop Up restaurant -- which was always envisioned as a temporary eatery (and which has delicious food, according to my predecessor John Linn) will hold out two more weeks until it folds for the summer to undergo transformation for its next incarnation as Spoon Fed, a comfort-food, Italian-inspired restaurant featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

According to Kelly Downing, spokesperson for Manfra (he's on vacation) the chef is considering design teams to warm up the place by swapping out modern accoutrements for wood, changing the lighting, and nixing the kitschy disco ball.

The Pop Up was a test drive for Manfra, who has been around the Delray

block, having worked as head chef for David Manero's Sopra, Vic and

Angelo's and The Office. Following the shuttering of The Atlantic Ocean Club,

Manfra partnered with DC real estate developer Larry Lipnick to open the summer project.

The temporary restaurant

has allowed Manfra to experiment with menu items and a restaurant concept

before opening his own place. As the case has been with the temporary

restaurant, the menu will change daily according to what's in season and

what ingredients are available.

In the meantime, until The Pop

Up closes, all entrees and drinks are two for the price of one until 7

p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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