The secret is out.
The secret is out.

President Obama Releases Top-Secret Beer Recipes for White House Home Brews (Video)

Time to get your swerve on just like the prez. After much begging and pleading from the nation's contingency of home brewers (and a popular online petition, to boot), the White House has released the top-secret recipes for President Obama's home brews.

In an announcement made Saturday, the White House shared the recipes for the White House Honey Ale and the White House Honey Porter. Both are made with the White House's own honey. A third brew is rumored to be in the works.

In addition to the recipes (which you can find here), the president's team put together a behind-the-scenes video starring White House chefs showing off the modest brew facilities at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The chefs emphasize that Obama paid for the equipment himself and they do the brewing in their own free time, but haters gonna hate. Fox News reports that Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, tweeted "sarcastically" about the recipe saying "inquiring minds want to know," which, as far as Twitter insults go, is pretty weak.

No matter your political leanings, a good beer is universal, no? Perhaps to relieve a little election-year tension, both sides could reach across the aisle to toast with a nice cold brew. Watch the video below, and if there are any home brewers in South Florida who plan on giving this a try, let us know in the comments.


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