Red is a very sexy color.
Red is a very sexy color.

Privet: A Sexy Russian Ultra Lounge Opening in Gulfstream Park

Privet means "hi" in Russian and the new ultra lounge opening on the second floor of Gulfstream Park's main building named after the greeting promises to bring Russian decadence and lots of vodka to the racetrack and entertainment complex.

Privet is decorated in (what else) shades of red and features an extra large dance floor, multiple bars, lounge areas, and two kitchens for dining. The menu features sushi and small plates with multiple world views.

Menu items include chicken Kiev poppers ($15), short rib grilled cheese

($14), spicy chicken satay ($14), lamb kofte ($14), Hawaiian tuna nachos

($18), and OMG Waygu superburgers ($15 "as is" $20 with foie gras).

Being an ultra lounge, Privet will feature an extensive cocktail program and VIP areas with bottle service. The style is "Miami chic", but don't expect expensive covers and burly uptight bouncers at the door, dissing everyone that's not either a Heat player or a Kardashian.

"We're going to offer our customers a spiritual, mind-bending party every Saturday evening, said Ralph Pagano, VP of hospitality and executive chef at Gulfstream Park. "We're going to be Miami stylish...chic with no attitude or pretense. It will be simple -- just cool."


grand opening party on Saturday June 23 starts at 8 p.m. and will

feature a fashion show, cirque acts, and DJ's Val Vera and Gary G., and

Adam. Privet will be open for dinner and dancing every Saturday from 8 p.m. - 4 a.m., with live entertainment, fashion shows, and surprises weekly (we're waiting for sexy Ninjas).

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