Professional Actors Read Real Yelp Reviews (Videos)

If you've spent any time on Yelp, you've realized by now that some of the reviews are pretty damned funny. OK, we're not sure if they're actually meant to be funny, but that's probably the reason they make us snort coffee out of our noses from time to time.

Apparently, some professional actors think Yelp makes pretty good monologue material and have taken to performing some restaurant reviews on YouTube.

The first one by Chris Kipniak was good -- but the bravura performance belongs to Therese Plummer, who recites a review of Tamarind of London, as written by Nathan A.

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We lost it when this lovely, elegant woman describes the butter chicken and its ingredients -- tomato, cardamom, and what must be a ton of laxatives. Oh... it gets better. Waaaaay better. Watch here:

Here's the first Yelp video, a sad little review of Stratford Diner (as written by Dan B.). Watch the masterful Chris Kipniak go through a range of emotions as he tries to make sense of his crabcakes, a rude manager, and a cruel world:

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