Punk Rock Food Drive @ Radio-Active Records

You really oughta round up some canned soup and/or tuna and other nonperishable food items and haul them down to Radio-Active Records at the Gateway Center in Fort Lauderdale. This Saturday, November 20, from 6 until 10 p.m., the shop is hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive. That seems too early for a punk-rock show, but this one is a free benefit for Kids in Distress. Which almost sounds like it could be the name of one of the bands performing (it's actually a local charity). 

To Be Hated is masterminding the food drive, also inviting Hardware Youth (in their first Broward show), Askultura, and the always-wacky Mister Entertainment along for the fun. DJ Skidmark's spinning all night, and you'll probably end up supporting Radio-Active Records as well as those needy families... 'cause if you can go in there and not spend money, there's something really wrong with you.


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