Ratatouille Gets His Own Restaurant at Disneyland Paris



, the Disney movie that features a little rat named Rémy who longed to be a chef? The movie not only featured an adorable little rodent, but was deemed "the best food movie ever made" by Anthony Bourdain, according to a blog post by

Michael Ruhlman

. Bourdain was also a consultant during the film's development phase and received a "thank you" in the credits.

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Now, fans of the movie can actually eat chef Rémy's creations -- providing they make a trip to Paris (which, actually makes sense) when La Place de Rémy opens at Disneyland Paris on July 10.

According to a press release, the Ratatouille-inspired "village" will feature a ride, Ratatouille - The Adventure, where guests sit in Ratmobiles and explore Paris' rooftops and the kitchen of Gusteau's restaurant.

After working up an appetite, guests can then enjoy a meal at Bistrot Chez Rémy, where ratatouille is, of course, on the menu along with a host of other movie-inspired dishes like entrecote, French cheeses, and fruit salads. The decor is giant-sized, making you feel a little "mousy". jam jar lids serve as table tops and champagne corks are turned into chairs. The decor, designed by the little rat himself, features giant paper cocktail umbrellas turned into parasols, giant cookbooks standing on end, and plates used to separate seating areas.

Sounds totally adorable. We can only hope that Disneyworld gets its own version of this Ratatouille cuteness soon!

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