Ready to Roast: Third-Wave Coffee Arrives in South Florida

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Their mission: to not only brew a good cup of coffee but also help to cultivate a coffee-shop culture in Palm Beach County. Today, they're realizing that goal and already looking forward to opening a second location, in Delray Beach, where onsite roasting will also take place several times a week.

Although some are selling their product directly to consumers, others like Manny and Amy Carrera from Argyle Coffee Roasting are looking to break into a different market: wholesale. They don't own and operate a coffee shop where you can order a cup of brew or buy a bag of beans. Instead, they're working with local businesses and restaurants to create custom roasts.

"We want to focus on what we do best, and that's roasting. I'm not a barista," says Manny. "This way, we can stay passionate about what we're doing and just make great coffee. The key component to what we do is to get people drinking better coffee and support the local scene."

Still others, like Calusa Coffee Roasting and the Chosen Bean, are eager to provide a better product that customers can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Their roasting facilities are still small-scale, but the idea is the same: provide South Florida with better brew.

These local roasters aren't the only ones creating change, however. While roasters are sharing their love of the craft, a new breed of specialty coffee shops and cafés is interested in selling you more than just a good cup of coffee.

They're also selling you a new way of brewing and drinking it, beyond drip coffeemakers or even espresso machines. Third-wave coffee prep is all about the French press, "slow bar" pour-overs like Chemex and V60, and cold brew, which employs time instead of heat to draw out the coffee flavor.

At the Seed (199 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton), owners Rachel Eade and Carly Altier are excited to deliver the area's first third-wave coffee-shop experience in which patrons have the option to order their coffee prepared using alternative brewing methods. The full menu offers classic drip, of course, but also cold brew, espresso, lattes, cortados, macchiatos, and cappuccino, all made with the café's own brand of fresh coffee, provided by in-house roaster Wells Coffee Co.

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