Recap of Sixth Annual Sweet Dreams at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (Photos)

Even the most sugar-crazed sweets addict probably had to take a knee at some point during the sixth annual Sweet Dreams, which went down this past weekend at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. To call the dessert-focused special event decadent would be a gross understatement. I'll be eating nothing but plain, steamed kale for a week in an effort to cleanse my veins of the sugar syrup that replaced my blood (did I mention there were a bazillion sweets?).

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About 300 people attended the event each night. The multi-vendor festival was hosted Friday and Saturday in the casino's pavilion, which was transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with blue lighting, carolers, multiple ice sculptures, and more stage fog than a White Snake concert. One minor critique of the otherwise cute design: I would've re-thought the pencil skirt had I known about the reflective "silver carpet/ice" walkway leading to the main room. Just sayin'...

Some of the evening's vendors were familiar (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Melting Pot), but as far as I was concerned, the hits of the affair were new-to-me locals like the "artisanal" Belgian waffles from Waffy's (located in the Galleria Mall), sweet crepes from the Crepeteria (in Fort Lauderdale), and the unusual flavors at a Flair for Fudge, including a rich and slow-burning cayenne-infused chocolate. My husband -- a devoted baked goods expert -- also had nothing but good things to say about Corner Bakery Cafe's raspberry bars and teeny, tiny Bundt cakes.

As one of the event coordinators said, "all of the vendors really stepped up their game and brought it" when it came to table design and styling. Seminole Casino (who hosted the event and had several tables) and candy buffet company Extraordinary Sweets were especially well dressed, with tables that were as beautiful to behold as they were fun to pilfer. Endless wine and beer (plus liquor for the VIP attendees) rounded out the gluttonous affair. Read on for tasty images of the festival.

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