During classes at her breezy second-floor yoga space Red Pearl, you can count on Karen Gavrilov to get you into your very best downward-facing dog. After class, though, Gavrilov's hidden talent is her knack for food finds. You can often hear her dishing with students on the new place to grab a postyoga snack or the best spot for a coffee and croissant combo (Croissan'time, of course.) When a food vacation is in order, Gavrilov often returns with lavender honey, dark cocoas, and other treats to stock the shelves of the Red Pearl retail space. 
There's no doubt this yogi is a foodie, which makes this next little bit of news so exciting: Gavrilov is in the process of opening a new storefront to cater to food lovers. 

Red Pearl Owner to Open Shop for Food Lovers

Thousand Pound Egg -- Books and Fabulous Finds for Food Lovers will set up right next to Red Pearl inside of the old gun shop on NE 20th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Gavrilov hopes to make it a one-stop shop for local food finds, tastings, cooking demos, books, and hot espresso. 

Look for the opening date around mid-November. 
The website is still in development, but you can find more info by clicking here.

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