Red, White and Beer: Four Brews Made for the Fourth of July

​The Fourth of July is all about independence, so it seems only right that we take a moment to honor a truly autonomous creation: American craft beer.

With so much variety -- so many ways to bottle, sip and savor damn near every type of ale out there -- what's not to celebrate? 

The best part: think of any party occaision or weekend celebration, and there's probably been a mircobrew named to match it.

Here, Charlie's found four of the best-named brews for our nation's most colorful holiday weekend. Stop by your local Total Wine -- or any specialty liquor store that has a good independent brew selection, and look for these Fourth of July favorite beers.

They are:

4. Patriot Pale Ale by RJ Rockers in South Carolina 

An American pale ale launched by RJ Rockers, Patriot is "aggressively hopped" with Challenger and Cascade for a strong, sweet caramel finish. Sounds like a refreshing way to end your Fourth of July festivities.

3. Freedom of '78 Guava Wheat India Pale Ale by Half Acre Beer in Illinois

​What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with this freedom-fighting IPA from Chicago? So what if it's got a guava finish and was originally brewed in honor of the band Ween's third studio album, Pure Guava. It's fruity and refreshing, the way a summer beer should be, but it's oh-so-appropriate with a drawing of the Liberty Bell (as well as a characateur of well-known Chitown brewmaster Jonathan Cutler of Pierce Brewery) on the label. 

2. Independence Hop Ale by Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon

If you're grilling out today, be sure to grab a few of these 22-ounce dinner-bottle bad boys. Independence, an American-style ale, is perfect for pairing with beef or spicy foods. And this weekend.

1. Liberty Ale by Anchor Brewing in California

According to the brewery's website, Liberty Ale -- introduced in 1975 -- is brewed using traditional brewing methods. The use of special, top-fermenting ale yeast, a natural carbonation process called "bunging," and dry-hopping (adding fresh hops to the brew during aging) give it a unique flavor. Now there's another reason to celebrate. Cheers!

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