Reef Jerky: Pot-Infused Beef Jerky is a Real Thing (Video)

Reef Jerky: Pot-Infused Beef Jerky is a Real Thing (Video)

The legalization of marijuana throughout the United States is a growing reality. More and more, citizens are lobbying their states to legalize pot. So far, Colorado and Washington have OK'd pot for medical and recreational use (albeit with regulations and restrictions) and several other states have legalized medical marijuana. The movement is growing, with Florida voters deciding on whether to legalize medical marijuana in November.

That means that we're going to need more pot. And there's more than one way to "smoke" weed. Introducing "Reef Jerky", the totally brilliant product for the Paleo pothead in you.

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This beef "hash" jerky has just been introduced by Badfish Extracts in California -- and it's the most awesome product since the brilliantly-named Nugtella was introduced.

According to a test conducted on February 14, 2013 by SC Labs in Capitola, California, , a serving of the jerky contains .8 mg/g of active Cannabinoids.

So far, there's no word on where the Reef Jerky will be available (sadly not in South Florida, anyway - yet), but we're already waiting for their version of "Slim Jims" to arrive.

Here's a video, by the way, of how (and why) cannabis products are tested:

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