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Religious Cakes for April -- From Jesus Christ to Mazel Tov

Nothin' gets an Easter party started like biting into a frosty slice of

Big Baby Jesus; and a seder ain't a seder till you're cutting into a prayer shawl (see next page for image).

Sweet Art by Lucia, a four-branch company and winner of our Best Cake Artist for 2000, amazes with their creations. Photorealism, chrome effects, shaping, setups... you name it, they do it. Their website is evidence of a niche market in religious-themed cakes. Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 12. Passover kicks off at sunset on April 8 and runs through the 15th. When the holidays pass, we'll call and see how many cakes they sold.

Here are some religious themed art cakes from the Sweet Art by Lucila website gallery....


Lucila's has made cake versions of everything from giant lipsticks to fish, whiskey bottles, hats, jewelry boxes, and even cop shields (see right). You can find out more about these creations if you go to their South Miami location (7534 Bird Rd.) for breakfast. They just started opening at 8 a.m. and serving $2 breakfast sandwiches and $3 breakfast packages.

Thanks to South Florida Gourmet for the tip off on the breakfast deals. 

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