Restaurant News: Figs Gone Wild, Mizner Miser, Polly Want a Brain Surgeon

•    In our all Todd English, all the time news format, word comes that the Boston top toque's latest foray into South Florida, originally said to be Figs and set to take over the CityPlace spot once held by Italian Oven Café, will now be called Wild Olives and is slated to debut in mid-November. In other developments, the celeb chef is reported to have accused his ex-fiancé of assaulting him with her watch, blackening his eye and leaving him (literally) in stitches. You gotta hand it to the guy, though, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

•    Just in time for the holidays, the Scrooges at Boca's oh-so-tony Mizner Park have decided to end free valet parking for its Mercedes-Porsche-Bentley-driving clientele. The reason, supposedly, is the Mizner misers can't afford the cost of stashing an estimated 100,000 vehicles this year while their drivers troll the mall. There will still be valet parking, except as of Nov. 1 it will cost all of $6, which probably means those parkers can kiss their tips goodbye. And you can still park for free in the mall's garages, though it means admitting you're not important enough to have someone open your car door for you.

•   You'd think people who steal shit from restaurants would make off with food, right? Not in Palm Beach County, apparently. A few weeks back some perp made off with not one, but two, statues of the Buddha from a Boca Raton eatery. Now some brain surgeon just got popped for ripping off (alright, allegedly ripping off) two parrots and a cockatoo worth some $15,000(!) from a Mexican restaurant in West Palm. William Forbes (that would be the brain surgeon. . . alleged brain surgeon) was charged with dealing in stolen property when the guy he--I know--allegedly offered to sell them to for a piddly $500 turned him in to the fuzz. At least if he swiped some chicken fajitas he'd have gotten a full stomach out of the deal.

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