Restaurant News: From Shore to Surf, Free Vino, a Fast-Food Ferran Adria

• Ever since the old Shore restaurant on A1A in Delray Beach washed up many moons ago, the prime oceanfront space has been an empty eyesore. A failed redo left a gutted building but still no restaurant, something about to change with the purchase of the site by Jim Taube, proprietor of Kee Grill, Bimini Twist, and Jetty's. Coming soon will be Surf Sliders, a laid-back fish 'n' burgers 'n' other casual fare eatery, with no entrée more than $20.

• What Ferran Adria is to haute cuisine, Erik Trinidad is to junk food. Ever think you can get farfalle with chicken and marinara from a Subway footlong sub? Or faux foie gras from a bunch of Nathan's hot dogs? Erik Trinidad can. The Brooklyn-based freelance designer and writer takes the kind of vomity fast food that's making us a nation of lard-assed diabetics and turns it into reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) approximations of "gourmet" fare. It actually takes a remarkable amount of culinary skill, and though you might not want to eat his creations, they're pretty god damned impressive. Don't believe me? Find out here.

• It doesn't get any cheaper than free, so there's no excuse for not checking out the half-dozen new arrivals at Wine Warehouse in Fort Lauderdale. From 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, September 3, they'll be tasting six new wines -- three reds and three whites -- for the princely sum of... nada. Charlie has already tasted three of the six in his other life as a cork dork, so he can vouch for the J Pinot Gris, Marimar Chardonnay, and Paul Dolan Cabernet Sauvignon. As for the other three, you're on your own.

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