Restaurant News: Harold's Coffee Lounge Debuts, Christopher's Now Has Beer and Wine, Hollywood to Get Margaritaville

• Suck my beans, Starbucks. West Palm Beach's latest ode to caffeinated beverages is anything but another corporate purveyor of designer coffee. Harold's Coffee Lounge (514 Northwood Road; 561-833-6366) pours a nice cuppa amid local art, occasional live music, free WiFi, and pastries from the estimable Le Petit Pain. And no ventis.

• To go along with a new menu featuring dishes like crushed avocado flatbread and "Mother Earth pizza," the vegan/raw food Christopher's Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens has gotten its beer and wine license, so now you can wash down your cheesy kale chips with organic, biodynamic, sustainably farmed booze.

• Hollywood may not come immediately to mind when you think of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville,

but city fathers (and mothers) are hoping the $130 million

hotel/restaurant/entertainment complex on its

still-undeveloped-after-all-these-years beachfront will bring the

tourist hordes eager to waste away in a tony, faux-beach-bum resort.

Construction is slated to begin in March of next year. And bring your

own damned shaker of salt. 

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