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Restaurant News: Heart Stoppers Clogs Arteries in Delray, Wine, Spirits and All That Jazz in Davie, Super Bowl Goes Kosher

•    Clogging strong arteries 12 ways is the heart-stopping menu at the new Heart Stoppers Sports Grill in Delray Beach. Have your "nurse" (yes, server hotties really do wear lab coats and carry stethescopes) bring you an order of Chili Chest Pain Fries or Flatliner hot wings or the Heart Stopper Three-Pound Killer Burger. Owner Iggy Lena is a licensed paramedic so he can presumably revive you if you eat yourself into a coma.

•    Strong drink and live jazz is what's up at Primo Liquors in Davie come Saturday, Feb. 6. From 6 to 9 p.m. there will be a free (that's right, free) tasting of a dozen different wines, booze from Jack Daniels Single Barrel whisky to Smirnoff Ready to Drink cocktails and jazz by the Moonshine Players. Sounds like a party.

•    Some of the refs' rulings might not be kosher but for the first time the food at the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl will be. Glatt kosher hot dogs, Italian sausage, knoblewurst (really garlicky salami) and grilled salami sliders, all from New York-based Kosher Sports Inc.,  will be offered. You don't have to be Jewish to order them; in fact, according to a study quoted in the New York Times, only 15 percent of kosher food buyers are motivated by religion.

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Bill Citara