Restaurant Websites That Suck... And What You Can Do About It

Don't you just love it when you click on a restaurant's website and have to search for hours to see what times they're open or wait for days while the flash player downloads some annoying graphics or be forced to listen to music that's like an icepick in your eardrums? 

Uh, no. . . 

Instead of bitchin' in your Budweiser, do something about it. 

Go to Never Said About Restaurant Websites and rip the idiots a new one. Plenty of fed-up diners have already done just that.

A few sample comments: 


primary interest in visiting your Web site is to examine every page on

the site before I finally find your hours of operation and phone number

in illegible type in a graphical footer." 

"I'm so glad that the Skip Intro button is small and hard to find." 

"I log on more frequently since I know the menu is coming soon."

As someone who spends way too much time on restaurant websites, I've got a few bitches of my own. 


 I really love it when the button to turn off your loud, annoying,

crappy music is so tiny and/or obscurely located it's almost impossible

to find. I love it even more when there isn't one. 


 Guessing how much it costs to dine at your restaurant is so much fun

I'm glad you don't post the prices of your dishes. And please don't post

wine vintages either. Updating info on that Internets thing is really a


•    I have nothing better to do with my life than wait for your pages to load with speed of an arthritic snail. 


 It's so gauche to put address, phone number, directions and hours in

the same place. It's much more fun to have to search through tiny type

on half a dozen pages. 

•    Pages that don't load or show up blank really give me a lot of confidence in your operation.


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