Riverside Market Now Offers Beer Grad School

You may think you know a lot about beer, but are you ready to take your knowledge to the next level? As in, getting a getting a graduate degree in brews?

After two semesters of beer academy, Riverside Market is taking learning to new heights with their beer grad school. Open to students who participated in one of the first two semesters of Riverside's beer academy, the course will give open young minds advanced learning in beers.

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Grad school, unlike Riverside Market's intensive six-week Beer Academy, takes place for one night only, November 19, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Guest speakers include Bob Gordash, craft beer alchemist for Florida Beer Co. and former brewer and founder of Holy Mackerel, along with Ian Salzberg, minister of beer communications at Brown Distributing Co. and certified cicerone. We're not sure if Beer Grad School will help you get a job with as awesome a title as these two men, but we do know that your beer-Q will be raised!

Only 25 seats are available for the class, and you must be a Beer Academy graduate to apply. Tuition is a mere $25 (so much cheaper than a Harvard MBA). You can save your seat by visiting the grad school's Facebook page and commenting "SAVE my SEAT".

Then, call your mom and tell her you're going to grad school after all.

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